“Dana, I can’t believe how I feel. After only 6 treatments, I have gone from multiple episodes of anxiety and panic attacks daily to no episodes at all. I can sleep now! I haven’t had a restless night’s sleep or a nightmare in over 4 weeks.  I wake up relaxed instead of ‘on edge’, and I feel positive about my future for the first time in years. Thank you. I am telling everyone about you and CranioSacral therapy!” ~Eva


“I had been in extreme chronic pain for almost 10 years when I met Dana and CranioSacral Therapy.  I was unable to work with my hands because of intense wrist pain and numbness in my fingers, and I couldn’t drive long distances without needing several days to recover from the back and neck/shoulder pain that was sure to follow.  After a series of treatments, my pain has decreased over 80 % and I find that I can function normally for the first time in nearly a decade.  I can play with my grandchildren now without fear of pain, and I have finally been able to drive 4 hour distances without the need for recovery time.  I am ecstatic and profoundly grateful.”  ~Cynthia J.

“Dana is passionate about “extreme self-care” in all areas of her life and in the lives of her clients.  I am thrilled to work with her, and I know you will love working with her as well.”  ~Kristi M.

“I never truly understood the unfolding process of a bloom until I did the exact same thing.  Emotional Unwinding is that process for my body; I feel myself ‘unwind’ or ‘unfold’ in a gentle and beautiful way, allowing me to feel as if I have been ‘reset’ or balanced.

“I can breathe more deeply now, I have a more relaxed feeling toward situations that would normally make me feel very anxious or agitated, and I sleep peacefully through the night.

“If I had to decide on one process or system that Dana offers that is the most valuable, the most life changing and the most profound, it would be Emotional Unwinding.”

~Jennifer *the open blossom*



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