My Journey

I used to think:

~sometimes things just happen; there’s nothing we can do… we just have to accept.~ 


In the late summer of 2007, I began to really struggle with my sense of self.  A series of events made me realize that I had strong issues with my belief system, and I felt the significance of my relationship with my partner of 4 years shifting into a very uncomfortable place.  My relationships were all taking major hits; my relationship with God, with my mate and with myself.

Needless to say, I felt very displaced and ashamed of myself.

I struggled with this place of discontent and shame for several years.  While life moved on, kids moved in and out of our house, and I lost any semblance of privacy, I felt even more edged out and “unheard”.

While doing my best to adjust to life changing circumstances, my body and mind took me down the following paths:

  • Frequent moments of sadness and/or disconnected feelings/numbness
  • Anxiety and disturbing spells of depression
  • Acid reflux and digestion/stomach issues
  • Headaches, low back pain and achy muscles/joints
  • Unproductive sleep

This inner struggle of shifts and changes froze me in my tracks emotionally; my body manifested the same challenges over and over, making me feel trapped and more frustrated.  I became so angry; I couldn’t understand why I was losing control of my emotions.  I felt:

  • Outbursts of anger with inwardly directed rage
  • Unexplainable tears
  • and Reoccurring pain and discomfort

Finally I realized 3 things: 

  • no one was responsible for my love and care but me,
  • I needed a connection with the Divine that fully supported me,
  • and I had to learn the art of intense self-care.

 Or else.

Once I made the decision to make positive changes in my life, I took life transforming steps that I am honored to share with you when you sign up for my free email list.

Here is my message to you, and I say this because I know it to be true:   you have the ability to transform your life, allowing you to feel loved, deeply nourished and fully supported.

I have created a wonderful self-care system for my own life, and I encourage you to do the same.  If you would like to learn more about how I can assist you on your self-care journey, then click on the “Solutions” link below.

Your Next Step: 




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