Compassionate Listening


I’ve been holding sacred space for people since before I completed my interfaith ministry training in 2008. One of my favorite ways to give to my community is through “Compassionate Listening.” I have also seen the phrase “Sacred Listening” to describe this process.

What is Compassionate Listening?

Compassionate Listening is a donation-based session that I offer in order to be of service to my community (and online communities). This session can be held at the Holistic Center if you are local, or it may be held online via Zoom platform. How this works is, I will set up safe, secure, confidential space for you, and I will create an area of spiritual support for our time together.

What will a session look like?

A session runs approximately 20 minutes. We begin with a little introductory time together to say hello, get settled, acknowledge and thank your spiritual support if you practice a particular form of spirituality, and then I become silent and listen to you say anything you need to say for however long you need within our pre determined timeframe. I am completely present with you, and will hear you with an open heart. Everything you say is held completely confidential at all times. At the end of our time together, if you want to schedule more time with me, you may. You may also ask about any of my other services. If I know of further support for you and you give me permission to share these resources with you, I will do so at this time.

What can someone share?

You can share anything with me. Really. You can share your biggest concern that’s on your heart. You can share your fears, your confusion, your shame, your guilt, or you can share your biggest dreams and joys and your plans for your future. Anything you need to share is listened to without judgment. Everything is completely confidential. It is my hope that, by sharing yourself in this intimate way, you will be able to develop a sense of emotional resilience, as well as a sense of clarity around issues that are confusing or hurtful for you.

Is this “therapy”?

My job is to hold compassionate, non judgmental space for you and listen. I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t ask you therapeutic questions and I don’t give you “homework”. If you or I feel like you need any of the above, I can offer you therapeutic referrals at the end of our time together.

How much does it cost?

This is a donative service, so you pay what you can afford. My suggested donation is $20 for a 20 minute session, but if you cannot afford $20, then pay what you can afford. If you see this as a valuable service to you, you can afford to give more and you are moved in your heart to do so, I accept it with gratitude. Giving more from your heart gives me the opportunity to make more spaces available for others.

How to connect:

I have a few openings per week for this donative session. Contact me in the box below and tell me you want a Compassionate Listening session, and I will send you a basic intake and release form for you to fill out and send back to me, as well as a link for you to make a donation. When your donation is sent and your intake form is returned, we schedule a date together for an in person or an online meeting. It’s that simple.

In service,

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