Mind, Body, Feelings

Inner Landscape Discovery Session!



Your subconscious mind is your “inner landscape”. This part of your brain holds very valuable information and, when accessed properly, your life circumstance has the opportunity to shift dramatically for the better.


The Inner Landscape Discovery Session is a process of using ceremony, earth-based tools and heart-centered questions to gain insight, to find positive, proactive responses to life challenges and to formulate grounded strategies for living your most amazing life.

This interaction between you, me, these tools, the questions and your inner self stimulates conditions for deep connection and insightful growth.

Have you ever noticed patterns in your life and wondered what reasoning or teaching was behind them?

Do you wish to make life changes, but just the thought of how to begin feels overwhelming?

In this session, we work primarily with your internal body responses and subconscious insights in order to bring about deeper self awareness and new creative expression.


A session with me is rooted in the belief that my clients always have choices; you create your life through your own choices and through your responses to life events. You will not be seen as a victim, and you will be treated as the empowered and unique individual you are.

I believe that you have all of the love and support that you need, both physical and non physical, seen and unseen; accepting this love and support is your choice.

My work with you is to help you gain insight and clarity, as well as a new sense of purpose. These sessions can happen in person at the Holistic Center or online via a secure platform called Zoom.

Does this work sound like it could be of value to you? Send me a note and let’s talk.