When a Dog Girl has Cats

In 2004, Jessi talked me into getting a kitty.  He was an adorable ball of fluff.  But I wasn’t into all of this cat stuff; I loved dogs.  Madly.  I wasn’t thrilled about cat claws in my future.

“So, how long do these things live, anyway,” I asked Jessi cautiously.

“A pretty long time,” she calmly responded.

*le sigh*

Yes, Willoughby was absolutely adorable, a blast and loads of free entertainment, but he clawed me mercilessly.  I asked my friends who were Cat Girls what to do and they all said, “Get him a cat.”

Jeebus, Gawd.  Not another one.

So I sent Jessi and her brother, Jon, out to get a buddy for Willoughby, and guess what they came back with?

A tiny, mostly-feral, thoroughly terrified head-case that we lovingly named “Sister”.  She lived under my kitchen sink for over 2 months and wouldn’t come out to eat or use the litter box if we were in the same room with her.

But she and Willoughby fell madly in love.  And he stopped clawing me.  *relief*

It took 3+ years to get Sister used to us.  She’s still pretty jumpy, but she has blossomed into a demanding little diva.

The next year, we adopted Pudge, aka “Pootie”

Now I cover my furniture so they can spread out, I throw boxes all over my floors so they can have something to play in,

and the boys even figured out how to fetch.  LOL.  Really.  They are too lazy to do it now, though.

But Pudge gives me head butts, Sister tears up the rug and demands lovin, and Willoughby keeps my lap warm and begs for food.  My cats come to me when I call them, they are very polite, and if I ever get clawed now, I know it’s an accident.

So, yeah.  I am thinking my cats act more like dogs.  <–must be what happens when a Dog Girl adopts Cats.

Now, years later, I am really hoping that my cats live a long, long time.


1.  Have you had to adapt to things in your personal life that were out of your comfort zone?

2.  How has it inspired you to grow + find beauty in unexpected places?


Dana and the Cats